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As a small startup company we cannot influence the period of time our customers are booking advertising campaigns. So it's possible that sometimes, especially around Christmas, ON AIR displays a lot of advertising, in other months less so.

For those of you who would like to use ON AIR without advertising, we have developed an ad-free-version that you can purchase for only AUD 4,99 (special offer, regular: AUD 8,99). You can use the ad-free-version on all android devices where you signed in with your google account. 

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    Marfield Bautista (Marfield000)

    One complain from the ads it's when the advertisement took full control of the app for we are forced to follow the advertisement close the app. For example I have to play this castle defend advertisement to close the advertisement and it crashes right after. The banner below would be ok but the control from advertisements from the app is just too much. 

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